PowerShell - Install-WindowsFeature (and family) missing on Windows 10?

Solution 1:

While Ryan's answer is correct, I would recommend to stay away from the Install-WindowsFeature cmdlets if you want to run your scripts on workstations as well. You will always be dependent on RSAT even though you don't need it otherwise.

Just use Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature which works on servers and workstations. You would need to change your scripts, the feature names are different too.

I wrote a bit about: Different ways for installing Windows features on the command line

Solution 2:

It's not out yet. As always, Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT - also includes the *-WindowsFeature cmdlets) have always been very sensitive to OS version. I.e., you'd use Windows 7 RSAT on Windows 7 to manage Server 2008 R2, Windows 8.1 RSAT on Win 8.1 to manage Server 2012 R2, etc. Using RSAT across OS versions may work, but it may also crash unexpectedly. The *-WindowsFeature cmdlets are technically part of the ServerManager module, and since Server 2016 isn't out yet, you might not see these cmdlets for a while.

Might be able to get this to work: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=45520

Or, if not, just find a downlevel Windows workstation to do your remote administration from for now.