Postman: How to make multiple requests at the same time

I guess there's no such feature in postman as to run concurrent tests.

If I were you, I would consider Apache jMeter, which is used exactly for such scenarios.

Regarding Postman, the only thing that could more or less meet your needs is - Postman Runner. enter image description here There you can specify the details:

  • number of iterations,
  • upload CSV file with data for different test runs, etc.

The runs won't be concurrent, only consecutive.

Hope that helps. But do consider jMeter (you'll love it).

Postman doesn't do that but you can run multiple curl requests asynchronously in Bash:

curl url1 & curl url2 & curl url3 & ...

Remember to add an & after each request which means that request should run as an async job.

Postman however can generate curl snippet for your request: