PostgreSQL rename attribute in jsonb field

In UPDATE use delete (-) and concatenate (||) operators, e.g.:

create table example(id int primary key, js jsonb);
insert into example values
    (1, '{"nme": "test"}'),
    (2, '{"nme": "second test"}');

update example
set js = js - 'nme' || jsonb_build_object('name', js->'nme')
where js ? 'nme'
returning *;

 id |           js            
  1 | {"name": "test"}
  2 | {"name": "second test"}
(2 rows)

I used the following for handling nested attributes and skipping any json that doesn't use the old name:

UPDATE table_name
SET json_field_name = jsonb_set(json_field_name #- '{path,to,old_name}',
WHERE json_field_name#>'{path,to}' ? 'old_name';

just for reference docs:

  • #- Delete the field or element with specified path (for JSON arrays, negative integers count from the end)

  • #>Get JSON object at the specified path