PIP not installing to virtualenv directory

Solution 1:

Sorry for a year late answer! I had the same problem and fixed it, I don't know if you changed the name of a directory after creating the virtual environment, I did though. If so then here's what I did.

1.) deactivate your v-env. After the fix you need to restart the v-env, so might as well deactivate now. right?

2.) Now, since we created the v-env in a different path, we have to change the static path variables in these files.

To get pip working you don't need to do this, but I still do. bin/activate, bin/activate.csh, bin/activate.fish

bin/pip, bin/pip2, bin/pip2.7

bin/easy_install, bin/easy_install2.7

3.) To get pip working, you must correct the python interpreter in the pip file, this as well has a static interpreter location set by virtualenv in the creation process.

4.) To get easy_install working? You guessed it, fix the interpreter location.

I hope this helped for any people reading this in the future. Sorry OP, for being late.

Solution 2:

I had this same problem.

I deleted the virtual environment and created a new one, which solved the problem.

Probably not the answer you were hoping for, but since it's the only one...