PHP - iterate on string characters

Use str_split to iterate ASCII strings (since PHP 5.0)

If your string contains only ASCII (i.e. "English") characters, then use str_split.

$str = 'some text';
foreach (str_split($str) as $char) {

Use mb_str_split to iterate Unicode strings (since PHP 7.4)

If your string might contain Unicode (i.e. "non-English") characters, then you must use mb_str_split.

$str = 'μυρτιὲς δὲν θὰ βρῶ';
foreach (mb_str_split($str) as $char) {

Iterate string:

for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($str); $i++){
    echo $str[$i];

If your strings are in Unicode you should use preg_split with /u modifier

From comments in php documentation:

function mb_str_split( $string ) { 
    # Split at all position not after the start: ^ 
    # and not before the end: $ 
    return preg_split('/(?<!^)(?!$)/u', $string );