PHP exec on a Windows with IIS configuration


i have managed to solve the issue..

this is what i did:

first check exactly what username is running for the specific website.. to do so do:

$out = array();
exec('cmd /c whoami 2>&1',$out,$exitcode);
echo "<br />EXEC: ( exitcode : $exitcode )";
echo "<hr /><pre>";
echo "</pre>";

this will return the computername followed by the username..

now on the computer running the webserver run

control userpasswords2

and give administrator powers to the username whoami said

this will allow you to finally run any command you want using exec or system_exec

on the other hand continuing with my SVN command i found out that I had another problem which is that when you run it, it will look for the config file which is under the administrator account and will give an error saying:

svn: E125001: Can't determine the user's config path

to solve this issue you simply have to specify in the command the config_dir by doing this:

exec('cmd /c svn update --config-dir C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Subversion C:\\inetpub\\vhosts\\websitename\\httpdocs\\folder 2>&1',$out,$exitcode);

hope this helps others which are having problems like the ones i had!