Android - PDF Presentation (Beamer LaTeX / Adobe Acrobat Reader) on Android tablet

I had the same problem and had to try out a bunch of apps. In addition to what you were looking for, I was also interested in the possibility to add comments during the presentation using the s-pen of my galaxy note. All the apps listed below support full page view, so there are in principle an options for presentations.

Moon Reader Pro

This is an excellent ebook reader. You have to pay for the full version, since the free version wont support pdf display. You can select full-page mode. By default there is no transition effect. You can also annotate while viewing. The pdf quality is very good and I have not seen any lags. Tons of options.

Aldiko Book Reader

Also a very good ebook reader that supports pdfs. Very much the same as the Moon reader, but it wont allow annotations. Also Moon reader has more options. The main advantage is that this reader is free. So try this one out first.

Acrobat Reader FoxIt and FoxIT Mobile PDF lit

Both viewers are fast and allow annotations, but you cannot turn off the page transitions. Very annoying for presentations. Both apps are free.

PDF Viewer

This viewer was first slow, but one can change the options such that it performs okay. It has no page transitions, but it wont allow you to annotate. Free.

I could not find a "pure" presentation mode in Aldiko, Acroread 11.7.1, APV, MuPDF, PDFViewer and several others I tried.

I finally settled with Perfect Viewer and its Perfect Viewer PDF plugin. Extensive (excessive?!) customisation options, and you can:

  1. Disable transitions
  2. Drastically simplify what touch actions are allowed (simple tap on left/right part of screen, disable menu in the center, enable pinch zoom, add long-tap to reset zoom, ...).


I found this question because I was looking for exactly this. Since the question was asked, some new apps are available, so I thought I'd share one that definitely works (it has an option to disable animations). It also seems to have nice annotation tools. Good enough to use in a classroom I'm thinking.