Pause QEMU/KVM VM (save RAM and CPU state to disk) like vmware Player?

To achieve the same thing as VMmware's "Suspend" in virsh, do:

virsh managedsave <domain-name>

The machine can later be resumed with

virsh start <domain-name>

On my tested host (Ubuntu Server 14.04), the save file is stored at:


The virt-manager window has a feature "shut down" -> "save".

Additional drivers are not required. I think the obvious bad thing happens with system time inside the guest. I don't know if there are guest drivers available to let the clock catch up.

The Red Hat Virtualization Deployment and Administration Guide has a section on this, but if you don't have access then it wont be much help...

In a nutshell, what you are looking for is the virsh dompmsuspend command and option. The GUI utilities for KVM are okay but leave a LOT of functionality out. The virsh command can do anything you need it to, given the right options and parameters. I am not familiar with 'suspending' a KVM guest, so I can't really give you much guidance, but the documentation should have everything you need.