OSX fix Selenium Chromedriver launch error spawn Unknown system error -86 Bad CPU type in executable?

The issue is described in https://github.com/angular/webdriver-manager/issues/476. This has been now fixed in 12.1.8 so just update to that webdriver manager.

Edit: this answer should be considered deprecated now that the underlying bug in webdriver-manager has been fixed. A better solution would be to upgrade to the newest version of webdriver-manager. The answer below may be useful if people need to use an older version of webdriver-manager which still has the bug.

As per Deepak Srinivasan's comment above, this error is caused by https://github.com/angular/webdriver-manager/issues/476

Root Cause: The ChromeDriver team added "_m1" to the end of the filename for their Apple Silicon ARM builds of Chromedriver -- but both the Silicon and Intel versions of chromedriver have "mac64" in the filename, and the version number is exactly the same. This causes webdriver-manager to always download the Silicon build of Chromedriver, even on Intel macs. As a general solution, simply avoid using the chromedriver that has _m1 in its filename if you are on an Intel mac.

Solution 1: Downgrade to Chrome 86.0.4240.198 and Chromedriver 86.0.4240.22. These versions work together and are the most recent versions prior to the new and problematic support for Silicon ARM

Chrome 86 download page: https://google-chrome.en.uptodown.com/mac/download/2920124

Disable auto-updates in Chrome: https://superuser.com/questions/1359017/how-do-i-disable-automatic-updates-of-google-chrome-on-mac-os-x

Chromedriver 86: https://chromedriver.storage.googleapis.com/index.html?path=86.0.4240.22/

% webdriver-manager update --versions.chrome=86.0.4240.22

Solution 2: Modify the webdriver-manager npm package to point to the correct chromedriver (thanks to ciekaway from the angular github issue page for this fix)

Modify the following file


or, if using protractor


Near the top of the downloadFile method around line 166, add the following line to remove "_m1" from the name of the file:

fileUrl.url = fileUrl.url.replace(/_m1/, '');

It needs to be after the beginning of the .then block that starts with

binary.getUrl(binary.version()).then(fileUrl => {

it also needs to be before the next reference to fileUrl.
For example:

binary.getUrl(binary.version()).then(fileUrl => {
    binary.versionCustom = fileUrl.version;
    fileUrl.url = fileUrl.url.replace(/_m1/, '');
    let filePath = path.resolve(outputDir, binary.filename());

Note that this solution is temporary. It will be overwritten by an npm install. The Chromedriver and/or the webdriver-manager team will probably fix this issue, at which point you should clear the modified version of your webdriver-manager and download the fix from npm.

npm uninstall protractor && npm install protractor