openapi tools generator vs swagger codegen

One way to compare open-source projects is using

e.g. OpenAPI Generator vs Swagger Codegen.

From the activity and community graphs, openapi-generator seems to be a lot more active.

Its seems that openapi is in a messy state currently. I'm also confused on which generator to use... And I want to write a custom generator.

GRPC is in a much better state. Every generator is a plugin and the core is well maintained, are the community is not forking.


Our company has agreed to keep using OpenAPI. We're now using the new OpenSource variant of OpenAPI:

We've extended the python generators to tweak the generated code. We're also using client generators in TypeScript and considering Kotlin and Swift for our mobile apps.

In the end it works well. If you're not ready to go binary with GRPC, OpenAPI is a nice alternative. It does requires a bit more, my experience with GRPC is that its a no-brains solution. "It Just Works".

But your miles may vary.

From the OpenAPI Generator FAQs

What is the difference between Swagger Codegen and OpenAPI Generator?

Swagger Codegen is driven by SmartBear while OpenAPI Generator is driven by the community. More than 40 top contributors and template creators of Swagger Codegen have joined OpenAPI Generator as the founding team members. For more details, see the Fork Q&A.

Swagger is a trademark owned by SmartBear and the use of the term "Swagger" in this project is for demo (reference) purposes only.