Apple - Open /dev in Finder

Looking at what Finder (1) does using Hopper reveals that there are indeed hard-coded exclusion paths, and it rewrites paths starting with /dev/ to /.

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You can verify this by pressing Command+Shift+G and entering a path starting with /dev/ -- i.e. /dev/foo. You'll be presented with /.

(1) Located at /System/Library/CoreServices/

It’s not clear if Finder has a special case to avoid this folder, but no - it doesn't want to show that folder.

Normally, I would try the go to functionality using a key shortcut of shift-command-G (or use the pointer and the go menu of Finder) and type in /dev

How to change path in Finder by entering the path manually?

Now, most unix directories are hidden, so toggle hidden files with shift-command-. (period) and you will see it's notably absent.

I’ll keep poking at this, but for now, my Catalina Macs don’t want to show you this in Finder.

A possible solution is to use ForkLift.

  • Make sure to grant it full disk access in system preferences for this app when it asks or after you run it once.
  • Make sure it's showing hidden files
  • /dev shows up like a mounted drive at the root directory