One or more integrations have been reset because of a change to their xml configs

It is very annoying though. For every admin page that loads, just as you are about to click on something immediately after the page loads, the whole page shifts down one row to display the error message. I've lost track of the amount of times I've clicked on something wrong because of this.

A warning should be there to notify the user of something that they need to be aware of. As far as I can see, this warning serves no purpose and is of no interest to the end user and shouldn't be displayed.

If like me, you have no interest in this module, it can be disabled as follows. Takes care of the constant warning message anyway.

php bin/magento module:disable Shopial_Facebook

"usability points"--

TL;DR: You should not worry about it. Ignore it and go on with your everyday life.

Long version:
Magento 2 comes with a new module called Shopial_Facebook that adds a new "integration" to the platform. Something facebook related...not important.
If one of the integrations (that you can find in System->Integrations) has the status RECREATED (int value 2) you will get this warning.
This RECREATED status is achieved when there is a change in the config settings of the integration. And this being new, of course there is a change in the settings.
So you can go on ignoring this message.

A quick fix if you don't have SSH or just want to get the alert out of the way of the Admin Panel.

You can simply click on Magento Social activate link next to status and reactivate it. You may get a 404 error on the activate page but the annoying message will go away. Hope this help.

NOTE: I would use (Graham Wharton) method if possible.