notepad++ adding extra lines to a file

I've been struggling with the same issue for several years, but after reading this post and trying some settings in Notepad++ it didn't appear to be Notepad++ that's changing the LF or CR settings.

My 'problem' was caused by a Filezilla setting, with which I download the files from my website to edit them in Notepad++.

In Filezilla I had a lot of extensions in the setting 'Automatic file type classification' (go to Edit > Settings > Transfers > File types). After I cleared them all and re-downloaded my file it opened just fine in Notepad++, no more extra line breaks. Also tested to edit the file, upload it, download and edit it again.

So, in Notepad++ my default setting for new files is:

  • Encoding: ANSI
  • Format: Windows

And in Filezilla the settings are:

  • Transfer type: Auto
  • Automatic file type classifications: extensions list is empty

This solved my problem.

Hope it helps.