nginx + PHP-FPM = "permission denied" error 13 in nginx log; configuration mistake?

Solution 1:

You need to ensure you have +x on all of the directories in the path leading to the site's root - so /home, /home/noisepages and /home/noisepages/www

Solution 2:

make sure /home/dev has correct permissions

chmod +x /home/dev

Solution 3:

I had issues with permissions in php-fpm as well, in particular with php sessions. It turned out I just had to modify the user that php-fpm uses to run processes, since by default it was set to "nobody" user.

tutorial on it here:

Solution 4:

I had a simlar problem which got me here. My solution (based on the picked answer) was do a

chown -R root:www-data /home/noisepages/www
chmod g+w -R /home/noisepages/www

Now it works fine :)