.NET 5 not available in Visual Studio 2019

You need to install the latest preview of Visual Studio 2019 16.8, refer to


You also need to explicitly enable preview versions within Visual Studio itself:

enable previews

Then you should see it:

enter image description here

Specs: VS Version 16.8.0

Target Version of .Net Core: 5.0

You must have version 16.8.0 in order to have .Net Core 5.0

If you still have problems with Visual Studio not showing .Net Core 5.0 in Visual Studio version 16.8.0 (and assuming you downloaded the .NET Core 5.0 SDK for Visual Studio), well, apparently (and correct me if I'm wrong) it is now called just .Net 5.0, omitting the Core.

enter image description here

After selecting .NET 5.0, I was able to install other libraries which are currently version 5.0+ and dependent on .NET Core 5.0+

Is the new name intentional? Anyways, here some evidence of this working (I was able to install the newest version of Newtonsoft and Entity Framework for .Net Core):

enter image description here

Funny enough, when I try to create a new .Net Core project, the version shows up as expected:

enter image description here