My PyCharm run is working but debugging is failing

After a hell lot of searching and experimenting, found the solution for my issue.

My repo consists of a module named code in it. Similarly, python has a same-named module for debugging, which creating a clash and debugger unable to reach that code.

I renamed it, and it's working like charm now. Had similar issue with 'test' as a module name

I had/have Python Community Edition (2019.1.1, now 2019.3.3) installed on Windows laptop. I named a new file "String". It took some time before I realized it was the name which caused the debugger to fail. The message I received was "connection to python debugger failed interrupted function call accept failed" . The failure was caused solely by the improper naming of the file. I tested again on version 2019.3.3, the name "string" causes the same failure of the debugger to connect and connection is fine when I change the file name to something else.