Drupal - Multiple language node import with Feeds

There was a fantastic Solution not so long ago that addressed something similar.

I believe that the best thing to to would to be to split each node into two nodes (one in Language A, one in Language B) and import each one in a separate feeds import, and then use the SQL query in the above solution to link the translation. This way, each node can contain otherwise identical information about the same item, in its own language, and simply be displayed based upon which translation the user/viewer would prefer.

Let us know how you go with the SQL script and if you have any issues that you need help with!

I have not tried this but it looks like it should do what you need it to do - Feeds: Entity Translation.

This module adds support for importing data through Feeds into translatable fields handled by Entity Translation.

The module exposes fields that are translatable into all enabled languages, enabling the creation of translations of entities when importing.

It's still in dev, but give it a shot.