Mouse acting funny, opening/closing tabs

We can assume that the middle mouse button is continually pressed and that's why even a left click is closing the Chrome tabs. There could be the following problems:

  1. The mouse has a faulty middle mouse button
  2. The mouse driver is interfering with the windows mouse interface and causing sporadic presses
  3. The trackpad has a simulated middle mouse effect (double touch) which is wrongly being activated
  4. The trackpad driver is interfering with the mouse driver

So to solve these possible issues you have to:

  1. Try to press the middle mouse button a few times as well as any other button presses that your scroll wheel allows: e.g. switch back and forth from infinite scrolling or press middle-mouse-left or middle-mouse right so that the device becomes unstuck.
  2. Reinstall both drivers through the internet
  3. Disable either from the device manager
  4. If the above two don't work then, since there is no way to override the keys in Windows through the registry, you may use this software to find the problem and fix it:

This issue is specific to the mouse, which has a design flaw on the middle mouse button/scroll wheel.

A standard mouse has left and right buttons, and the middle scroll wheel can scroll up, scroll down, and be pressed down.

The Logitech G500s has a dual mode scroll wheel, that can free spin for quick through pages, or a 'clicky' spin for ordinary scrolling.

The scroll wheel can also be pressed left and right for scrolling side ways. It also has a standard click down when in clicky scroll mode.

The problem is with this middle wheel, the scroll wheel can get stuck in mouse down mode, or something similar. This causes all left clicks to be interpreted as middle clicks.

The solution is to click around on it until it frees itself.