mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock

You still need to create a (new) file system (Double-check that you really want to overwrite current content of the specified partition!)

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1

Parted User's manual

2.4.5 mkpart

Command: mkpart [part-type fs-type name] start end

Creates a new partition, without creating a new file system on that partition.

I had this problem with /dev/sda on Ubuntu 16.04 I solved it by booting into a live usb and doing the following:

To see your disks use lsblk

If you can see your drive thats good, run fdisk -l to see if the system can use it.

Run this command to attempt to repair bad superblocks on the drive.

fsck /dev/sda1 (replace /dev/sda1 with the drive you want to fix).

When it asks to repair blocks select yes by pressing 'y'

Allow fsck to repair all bad blocks.

Then I was able to mount the device using

sudo mount /dev/sda /media/ubuntu

This solved it for me.

In my case, the solution was install nfs-utils on the client side.

CentOS/Red Hat:

yum install nfs-utils


apt update
apt install nfs-kernel-server