mount error(13): Permission denied with windows share

I could overcome the error with mount -t cifs ... simply add the parameter sec=ntlmsspi to the options. Other possible options are:


I was able to create a mount point with autofs by following the hint number 4 from this site

Some changes needed to be made to /etc/auto.mymount The option sec must be specified. I found the correct parameters here (at the very bottom of the page)

My /etc/auto.mymount ended up containing one line which is:

share -fstype=cifs,rw,noperm,user=ESBSertal,pass=MyPassword,domain=ESB,sec=ntlmsspi ://esb.local/dfs

executing service autofs restart renews the information.

this allowed me to access the contents of the share under /mnt/win/share

There doesn't look to be anything inherently wrong with what your doing.

  • Check that the username/password etc don't have punctuation/whitespace and if they do put ' ' around them.

  • Check that the CentOS and Windows firewalls are allow connections (though you'd probably get a different error message for them)

sorry for not asking in a comment, but my rep is not high enough.

Do you have a PDC running on the Windows 2008 server? If so you probably missing just the domain for the user

 mount.cifs -o user=USER,dom=DOMAIN,password=MYPASS //pdc.domain/test /mnt

Have you tried to mount as administrator? If this works, then it's probably only a problem with the share permissions.

Otherwise check the syslog file, it should give you more informations about the error. Possible that the server requires packet signing and your request is without.