Monitoring production server

Solution 1:

I have a similar setup, except with Xen in place. I have been very happy with a combination of:

  • Nagios for alerting (using PNP for some lite graphing, and Nagviz for a service state dashboard)
  • Ganglia for historical graphing of systems
  • OSSEC as a HIDS and equally importantly as collector for centralized logging
    • sidenote: There is a Splunk plugin for OSSEC that integrates these two tools very well, I am waiting for them to port it over to Splunk v4 though.
  • Splunk Lastly, once a few of the Splunk plugins are migrated over, we plan on using Splunk with some pre-filtering of logs (to keep from going over the free editions cap)

I hope that sharing our monitoring setup will help you out :-)

Here are some useful links:


I forgot to mention that we use Matt Simmons Nagios config layout as well, found here

This layout made our Nagios Configuration sane and much easier to maintain (Thanks Matt!)

Solution 2:

I've had great success with Zabbix, it satisfies all of your points in one package.

alt text

The hardest part will be getting the apache log monitoring, but Zabbix is extensible so you can use LogWatch or some other perl script to grab data for you.

Solution 3:

I like OpManager, and its free up to a certain number of nodes. Does all of the above, and is pretty easy to install and maintain.