Microphone not working on Windows 10 Version 1803

There's a microphone privacy options page. The latest insider's update has it blocking all apps by default.

  1. Hit Windows key and search for "microphone privacy settings"
  2. Hit "Allow access to the microphone on this device"
  3. Switch "Allow apps to access your microphone" to on

In addition to

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone (left column)
  • Make sure "Microphone access for this device is on"
  • And switch "Allow access to the microphone on this device" to on

as Ermish's suggested, I had to

  • disable and enable one of my microphones for the changes to apply apply.

Then all my microphones worked again.

I've found the solution here:

"Microphone not detected anymore? Sound settings or features not working? Check Settings > Privacy Microphone and test if "Let apps use my microphone" resolves the issue."