Maryam Mirzakhani's works

A very good expository article (in Farsi) on recent work of Maryam Mirzakhani can be found here. (PDF)

Here you can find some dissertations related to Mirzakhani's work

Moduli spaces and Weil-Petersson volume

Intersection theory on moduli spaces of curves via hyperbolic geometry Norman Nam Van Do

Lectures and notes: Mirzakhani’s volume recursion and approach for the Witten-Kontsevich theorem on moduli tautological intersection numbers Scott A. Wolpert

Also here is the good blog about Mirzakhani's work

A nice introduction, accesible to the layman (at least to a layperson with science studies), is published by the e-journal Quanta Magazine. See

A Tenacious Explorer of Abstract Surfaces by Erica Klarreich.

Also at Wired.

Update: There is a detailed description of her work in this paper by Curtis McMullen.