Making a GeoTIFF using Google Earth Data

There are a number of ways you can add your raster to GeoServer, all of these require you to know what the projection of your data is (probably EPSG:4326 or WGS84 lat/lon).

  1. Possibly the simplest, just tell GeoServer what the projection is after adding the data to the store. When you publish the layer simply fill in the declared SRS as EPSG:4326 and select force declared underneath. GeoServer will ignore it's "native" SRS guess and use your information.

  2. You can convert your tiff + world file into a GeoTiff using GDAL's gdal_translate again you need to tell GDAL what projection you are using.

    gdal_translate -a_srs original.tif newgeotif.tif 
  3. You can provide a .prj file which contains the WKT representation of the projection you need - you can download these from so yours would this. Like the .wld file this side car file can be read by other programs to tell them what the projection is.