Apple - macOS Catalina blueoothd high CPU IOBluetoothBroadcomSchedulerWorkaround issue

I've found a workaround: I've figured out MSS probably means Master-Slave-Switch. That didn't suffice to fix the issue. But disabling sniff mode resolves the issue. It seems that some energy management code doesn't work properly. enter image description here

This is fixed in 10.15.6 beta 3, and for now, this is my workaround - force killing the process in activity monitor.

"Activity Monitor" into Spotlight -> CPU -> find bluetoothd -> Force Quit.

Apart from the obvious CPU usage drop, you can also confirm this worked via the console with bluetoothd (no extra params) and see how the log has drastically quieted down.

I'm sorry to say that 10.15.6 does not solve the CPU issue (at least for me), though the logs seem to have quietened down.

While we wait for this to be resolved properly, I've actually automated turning off "Sniff Mode" via Bluetooth Explorer using Keyboard Maestro. Download this file and save it as "Fix Bluetooth Mouse.kmmacros".

When you've installed it into Keyboard Maestro, simply press Control+Shift+1 every time you hear your Mac's fan go into overdrive (which happens when the CPU spikes due to this bug).

Note you'll need to install Bluetooth Explorer first.