Listing the largest files on disk in Windows

Solution 1:

Check out this app: WinDirStat

This will show you graphically as well as a hierarchy/tree map. This software is free and open source (GPL) and works really well.

Solution 2:

Install PowerShell. Then run this:

dir c:\ -recurse -erroraction silentlycontinue | sort length -descending | select -first 20

That'll give you back the top 20 largest files on C:.

Solution 3:

If you are doing this regularly, you might look at tools like TreeSize Pro or SizeExplorer (although the latter seems to nob be as recent).

Solution 4:

Do a windows search on you windows drive with "*" joker that mean all file, and specify a minimum size let's say of 40mb, than you'll have every file on you system drive that are larger than 40mb.

Hope this help.

Solution 5:

Install Sequoia View

It will visually show you your large files and large directories. It makes finding where all your space disappeared very easy.

Free and < 1 Mb in size.

enter image description here