Let's Play Mafia!

The example code didn't worked for me, I use Python 3, so I changed the main.py file to make it work.

So here is my fixed version for Python 3, I never programmed in Python before so maybe it is a horrible code but it is works :)



./randy.py < from_server > to_server


#!/usr/bin/env python3

import random

with open('players') as f:
    p = f.read().split() + ['no one']

with open('from_server') as f:
    fs = f.read().split()

msg = ""
day = True
    line = fs[0]
    if line.endswith(('?', 'victim.')):
        day = False
    if not day:
        msg = (random.choice(p))
        if random.random() > 0.5:
            if random.random() > 0.5:
                msg = ('vote {}'.format(random.choice(p)))
                id = random.randint(0, 17)
                msg = ('say {}{}'.format(id, (' ' + random.choice(p)) if id > 4 else ''))

    with open('to_server', 'w') as f:
except: pass

A few thing I learned while I made this work (and it was not clear for me in the description)

  • print does not do anything with the game it is like a console.log in js
  • input() blocks the program running it can be good for step by step debugging
  • from_server and to_server is cleared every round.
  • It is impossible to stop the script with Ctrl+C combination, which is annoying.

The Logician

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
import os
import re
import random
from types import SimpleNamespace
def chooseSet(set):
    return random.choice(list(set))
sys.stdin = open("from_server")
sys.stdout = open("to_server","w")
def saveData(data):
    with open("gameData.txt", "w") as datafile:
MY_NAME = os.path.basename(os.getcwd())
opener = input()
DATABASES = ("targets","herd","mafiosos","guilty","innocent","unlikely", "requests",
ALLOW_SELF = ("players", "mafiosos")
LIESPERROLE = {"cop": ("I am the cop",
                "I investigated this player and found that they were mafia-aligned",
                "I investigated this player and found that they were village-aligned"),
              "doctor": ("I am the doctor",
                   "I tried to save this player",
                   "I successfully saved this player"
#1: At the beginning of the game, parse beginning of day 0
if opener == "Rise and shine! Today is day 0.":
    #Next two lines are completely predetermined and hold no data
    assert input() == "No voting will occur today."
    assert input() == "Be warned: Tonight the mafia will strike."
    data = SimpleNamespace(cop=False, doctor=False, queued=[],askers={})
    for datum in DATABASES:
        setattr(data, datum, set())
        nextline = input()
        if nextline == "You are a member of the mafia.":
            assert input() == "Your allies are:"
            while True:
        elif nextline == "You are the doctor":
            data.doctor = True
        elif nextline == "You are the cop":
            data.cop = True
    except EOFError:
        #villager, or ran out of mafiosos to add
    with open("players") as playersfile:
        data.players = set(playersfile.read().strip().splitlines())
with open("gameData.txt") as datafile:
    data = SimpleNamespace(**eval(datafile.read().strip()))
#2: Beginning of day nonzero
if opener.startswith("Dawn of day"):
    data.voted = False
        while True:
            nextline = input()
            victim = re.match("Last night, (.*) was killed. They were (?:a|the) (.*).", nextline)
            if victim:
                victim, role = victim.groups()
                #remove dead people from lists
                for datum in DATABASES:
                    getattr(data, datum).discard(victim)
                if role == "cop" or role == "doctor":
            investigated = re.match("Investigations showed that (.*) is (.*)-aligned.", nextline)
            if investigated:
                assert data.cop
                who = investigated.group(1)
                if investigated.group(2) == "mafia":
    except EOFError:
#3: We're being told some messages / news
elif " says " in opener or " voted " in opener:
    message = opener
    acted = question = False
        while True:
            if " voted " in message:
                message = "<vote against>"
                speaker, subject = re.match("(.*) has voted to lynch (.*)", message).groups()
                target = None
                speaker, target, message, subject = \
                    re.match("(.*) says \"(?:(.*), )?([^:\?]+)(?:[:\?]\s*(.*))?\"",
            if speaker == MY_NAME:
            BAD_MESSAGES = ("<vote against>", "I think this player is mafia",
                            "I investigated this player and found that they were mafia-aligned",
                            "I think this player is suspicious")
            GOOD_MESSAGES = ("I think this player is the cop",
                             "I think this player is the doctor",
                             "I think this player is a normal villager",
                             "I trust this player",
                             "I investigated this player and found that they were village-aligned")
            OUTS = "I am the cop", "I am the doctor"
            LIES = ()
            for role in data.used_roles:
                LIES += LIESPERROLE[role]
            if message == "Yes" or message == "No":
                if question and not target:
                    target = chooseSet(data.askers)
                if target in data.askers:
                    BAD_MESSAGES += "Yes",
                    GOOD_MESSAGES += "No",
                    subject = data.askers[target]
            if message in LIES and speaker not in data.mafiosos and speaker not in data.innocent:
                # What you just said is false, and I know it!
                if subject and subject not in (data.unlikely.union(data.mafiosos)):
            elif message in BAD_MESSAGES:
                if speaker in data.guilty:
                    #mafiosos rarely turn on eachother
                elif speaker in data.unlikely:
                    #believe the herd, especially people who we trust
                elif subject in data.unlikely:
                    #how dare you speak against players likely to be village-aligned!
                elif subject == MY_NAME or subject in data.mafiosos:
                    #DON'T ATTACK ME (or my fellow mafiosos)
                    #believe the herd
                if not acted and message == "<vote against>":
                    if subject == MY_NAME:
                        if len(data.selfvotes) >= (len(data.players)-len(data.mafiosos))/3:
                            if data.cop:
                                print("say 2")
                                #give a data point to prove it
                                if random.random() > .5 and data.guilty:
                                    data.queued.append("say 14 %s" % chooseSet(data.guilty))
                                elif data.innocent:
                                    data.queued.append("say 15 %s" % chooseSet(data.innocent))
                                print("say 4") #Don't out myself if I'm the doctor
                                # and just lie if I'm a mafioso
                            acted = True
            elif message in OUTS and data.mafiosos and speaker not in data.unlikely:
                data.targets.add(speaker) #Kill the fools who boast!
            elif message in GOOD_MESSAGES:
                chance = random.random() < .1 - (speaker in data.targets) / 20
                if speaker in data.guilty: #Mafia liars
                    if subject not in data.unlikely:
                elif subject == MY_NAME and chance:
                    if speaker in data.targets:data.targets.remove(speaker)
                elif speaker in data.unlikely or chance:
            elif message == "Do you think this player is mafia":
                if subject == MY_NAME:
                if target == MY_NAME or not target:
                    if speaker in data.guilty:
                        data.queued.append("say 14 %s %s" % (subject, speaker))
                    elif speaker in data.innocent:
                        data.queued.append("say 15 %s %s" % (subject, speaker))
                    elif subject in data.targets or subject in data.herd:
                        data.queued.append("say 1 %s" % (speaker))
                    elif subject in data.unlikely:
                        data.queued.append("say 0 %s" % (speaker))
                    if data.cop:
                data.askers[speaker] = subject
                question = True
            elif target == MY_NAME and message == "Will you please use your power on this player tonight":
            message = input()
    except EOFError:
    for datum in DATABASES:
        if datum in ALLOW_SELF: continue
        getattr(data, datum).discard(MY_NAME)
    chance = random.random()
    if data.queued:
    elif chance < .1:
        target = chooseSet(data.targets or data.players)
        if target != MY_NAME:
            print("say 10 %s" % target)
            data.askers[MY_NAME] = target
    elif chance < .3 and data.targets:
        print("say 6 %s" % chooseSet(data.guilty or data.targets))
    elif chance < .5 and data.unlikely:
        print("say 5 %s" % chooseSet(data.innocent or data.unlikely))
    elif chance < .6 and not data.voted:
        target = chooseSet(data.guilty or data.targets or data.herd or data.players)
        if target not in data.mafiosos and target != MY_NAME:
            print("vote %s" % target)
        data.voted = True
    elif chance < .8:
        #do nothing
    elif chance < .9:
        #Confuse everybody
        print("say 1")
        data.queued.append("say 0")
#4: End of day
elif "has killed" in opener:
    victim = re.match("The town has killed (.*)!", opener)
    if not victim:
    victim = victim.group(1)
    #remove dead people from lists
    for datum in DATABASES:
        getattr(data, datum).discard(victim)
    role = input()
    role = re.match("They were (?:a|the) (.*)", role).group(1)
    if role == "cop" or role == "doctor":
    #Misc: purge people from lists if too large
    for list in data.unlikely, data.targets, data.herd:
        while len(list) > len(data.players)/3:
    for player in data.innocent:
elif opener == "The town opted to lynch no one today.":
    #Do nothing
#5: Night
elif "night" in opener:
    if not data.mafiosos and data.requests and random.random() > .5:
    if data.doctor:
        print(chooseSet(data.unlikely or data.players))
        while True:
              target = (data.targets or data.herd).pop()
            except KeyError:
              target = chooseSet(data.players)
            if target in data.mafiosos or target == MY_NAME:
    raise ValueError("Unknown message")

Fancy, long bunch of python code that I'm not going to explain (although it isn't golfed), other than that it keeps lists of "friends" and "enemies" that are originally populated based on chance and/or cop investigation. Warning: do not lie in the logician's presence.

Survivalist (v 1.0)


Survivalist simply brutally survives the game by berating anyone that dares to accuse him, regardless of whether he is mafia or not.


If you survive to the end of the game, you win no matter what. Therefore, you survive at all costs.


The troops marched through the dark, damp forest.

"Lieutenant, where are we marching?" The young recruit apparently hadn't hardened himself to atrocities, the commander thought. Oh well. He answered with a brusque "to destroy the enemy".

At the village, the enemy commander was drinking and laughing along with the other officers at the club when a scout rushed in with the news. "There's a column, several hundred yards long, marching through the Yulin forest for us! Rally the troops!"

The enemy commander, obviously inebriated, said unexpectedly, "I've had no reports from other scouts." The scout (later Survivalist) thought, then I'll have to rally the troops myself. After telling the story to the fellow scouts, they came back together, all saying that they had seen enemy troops. The commander still did not believe, saying, "I am ordering you to discontinue scouting. There are no enemy troops".

The scouts decided to get their weapons to save the community. They managed to get to their positions just as the enemy arrived in the village in force. "CHARGE!" yelled the commander of the ambush. "BURN THE HOUSES! BURN THE HOUSES! KILL EVERYONE, INCLUDING THE WOMEN AND THE CHILDREN!"

The scouts saved their entire army. They expected promotion, awards, and medals. Instead, they got a rigged court-martial for mutiny, conviction, 10 years in prison, dishonorable discharge from the military and exile.

There is an old elder at the city council of Salem, Massachusetts. Legend has it that he founded the town. When you meet him in his isolated cottage out in the forest, don't let the twinkle in his eye make you think he's peaceful. If you accuse him, he will ruin you in front of the town.

The Veteran laughed in the darkness. Afraid of the dark, no way. Afraid of monsters under the bed? The man with his hand on trigger of a gun laughed nervously. He wasn't scared of anything, he had told himself. Sure, he was a past war time hero, but he was so used to ambushes and life threatening situations that it made the man simply neurotic. His trigger finger twitched at simple shadows; his heartbeat quickened with every little sound. Yes, he was this scared of death. How could he not, seeing so many people die in horrible ways? All he knew from being kidnapped and miraculously escaping his enemies was that there was no mercy.


Code (I'm a rookie in python, not sure if the code is good)


import random

with open('players') as f:
    p = f.read().split() + ['no one']

day = True
target = "survivalist"
role = "villager"
    line = raw_input()
    if "You are the cop" in line:
        role = "cop"
    else if "You are the doctor" in line:
        role = "doctor"
    else if "You are a member of the mafia" in line:
        role = "mafia"

    if line.endswith(('?', 'victim.')):
        day = False
    if not day:
        if target == "survivalist":
            print random.choice(p)
        else if role == mafia || role == sheriff:
            print target
        else if role == doctor:
            print random.choice(p)
        if "survivalist" in line && ("I think this player is suspicious:" in line || 
        "I think this player is mafia:" in line ||
        "I investigated this player and found that they were mafia-aligned:")):
            print 'say 0'
            if role == "villager" || role == "mafia":
                print 'say 4'
            else if role == "cop":
                print 'say 2'
            else if role == "doctor"
                print 'say 3'
            target = line.split(" ")[0]
            print 'vote ' + target

        else if target != "survivalist":
            print 'say 6 ' + target
            print 'vote ' + target

except: pass