Leading Image overflows in ListTile

enter image description here

You should use CircleAvatar as leading in your ListTile. It has a radius property also that you can change, if you wish.

leading: CircleAvatar(
  backgroundImage: AssetImage("..."), // no matter how big it is, it won't overflow

enter image description here

If you wanna use rectangle image, you an use

leading: ConstrainedBox(
  constraints: BoxConstraints(
    minWidth: 44,
    minHeight: 44,
    maxWidth: 64,
    maxHeight: 64,
  child: Image.asset(profileImage, fit: BoxFit.cover),

Do this:

leading: SizedBox(
  height: 100.0,
  width: 100.0, // fixed width and height
  child: Image.asset(...)