Laravel update database record running script

Thanks to everybody for replies. Ecpesially thanks to @RossWilson for his idea of using migrations for changing DB's data.

But I think, it's not a good solution, because the Laravel's concept involves using migrations for DB structure's changing.

After reading Laravel's manuals I've found that there is a special code structure for working with db's data. It's a Seed. So, I solved my issue using the next seed for my example query above:

  1. Created the new seed using artisan command:

    php artisan make:seed UpdateTranslationsSeeder
  2. Write a code inside the run() method:

    DB::table('translations')->where('field', 'page_desc')->update(['field' => 'meta_desc']);
  3. Run my seeder in artisan:

    php artisan db:seed --class=UpdateTranslationsSeeder

Note: if after running the last command in console I've got an error about class UpdateTranslationsSeeder is undefined run the next command in console to tell Laravel about new classes:

composer dump-autoload -o

I have adapted Paul Basenko approach to updating existing data for educational purposes. It was very useful! Here is my example:

  1. Generate a seeder:

    php artisan make:seed UpdateCustomerSeeder
  2. Add code inside run method:

    $customers = Customer::all();
    $customers->each(function ($customer_update, $key) {
        $faker = Factory::create('it_IT');
        $customer_update->name = $faker->company;
        $customer_update->website = $faker->domainName;
        $customer_update->tax_number = $faker->vatId();
        $customer_update->phone = $faker->phoneNumber;
        $customer_update->email = $faker->safeEmail;
        $customer_update->street = $faker->streetAddress;
        $customer_update->city = $faker->city;
        $customer_update->zip_code = $faker->postcode;
        $customer_update->notes = $faker->sentence();
  3. Run seeder:

    php artisan db:seed --class=UpdateCustomerSeeder