Laptop Battery Diagnostics Software?

  • BatteryCare is a good tool.
  • BatteryUniversity is a good source for information.

You may be able to use HP's Battery Check:

Not all models of this notebook series are supported. To determine if you model is support, download the HP Battery Check from the following address and install the Battery Check ( HP Battery Check (SP41862) File Download ). A message will be displayed if your system is not supported.

If not, check out Imtec Battery Mark:

  • Produces test in two modes (fast and normal) with two variants of play on hardware load subsystem notebook: full load, or without it.
  • At the time of testing construct a detailed schedule of changes in the level of battery power. After testing all the data stored in a log file for later viewing and / or analysis.
  • The program fully supports multi-and multicore processors, which allows to reproduce the maximum possible load on the processor system to test a laptop in extreme conditions.
  • After the testing, the total assessment system power notebooks, calculated by a unique algorithm, taking into account not only the time of the battery, and laptop performance during testing.

or BatteryMon:

  • Graphically see the charge / discharge rate
  • Diagnose problem battery cells with detailed statistics
  • Compare and measure your batteries' performance with expected
    discharge rates
  • See the critical discharge point for your batteries
  • Uniquely identify battery packs for tracking purposes or system
  • Log the performance of a battery for later reference
  • See the status of each individual battery pack, when multiple batteries are in use