Keyboard Shortcut for Chrome's Developer Tools on Mac?

The default should be Command+Option+i (or Command+Option+j for the JavaScript console).

I think most Keyboard Shortcuts are listed in menus, when applicable.

Example image can often define your own custom keyboard shortcuts in OS X by going to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts, then Adding a new shortcut that matches the name of the menu item you want to access. See full instructions at

If needed, this article has a good rundown on which symbols match which modifier keys. Also, I always remember the ALT/Option key because it's symbol shows an 'alternate' path: ⌥

Windows uses F12 you can map that to Developer Tools, which is what I did.

 icon → System Preferences... → Keyboard → Shortcuts (tab button)

  • Click the + Button
  • Application select: Google Chrome and/or Chromium and/or Google Chrome Canary
  • Menu Item: Developer Tools
  • Keyboard Shortcut: F12
  • Then hit Add (of course)

Of course you can put in whatever you want there instead of F12.