Jumping black screen at Ubuntu 16.04 on VirtualBox 5.0.20

I also had problems with Ubuntu 16.04 in VirtualBox 5.0.20. My problems was with Chromium not rendering at all.

I then installed the Guest Additions 5.0.16 from the Download page and it solved my problems. https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

I just installed this Guest Addition on top of the current one.

I had the same issue with 3D option on VBox 5.1.10 and Ubuntu 16.

To fix this on my side :

  1. Stop the VM
  2. Be sure you have 3D enabled/checked
  3. Start the VM and sudo as root
  4. Reinstall the VBox additions as root

Seems that the VBox additions are built based on the options already enabled ! So if you installed them without 3D options and then enable it, they are not supported correctly. At least it's an assumption based on what I observed. But after few days of bad experience, it's working perfectly for me.

I had already installed Guest Additions 5.0.16 when I got this problem, but turning off (unchecking) "Enable 3D Acceleration" in Machine...Settings...Display (Screen tab) did the trick for me. (Vbox Version 5.0.26 r108824)