Jenkins failed to start - Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services

This is how I fixed the problem.

Please read it all before executing and follow the steps in order:

  1. Delete any Jenkins installation leftovers you currently have
  2. Start the installation process, input your credentials when asked, and continue with the on-screen instructions (including choosing the JDK folder) up until the point where the error is raised.
  3. When the error is raised, *** DO NOT DO ANYTHING! *** leave it as it is shown in my question
  4. Now (and only now), open "Services"
  5. Search for the "Jenkins" service. It should be set to "Automatic", but it might be "Disabled" enter image description here
  6. Open the "Jenkins" properties, and go to the "Log On" tab enter image description here
  7. Make sure you choose the "This account" radio button, delete the account name and password fields, and enter them AGAIN
  8. Click "Apply"
  9. Go back to the installer and click "Retry"

If everything is according to plan - The installation will now continue without a problem.

This method was tested on a local and VM / AWS computer and worked!

If you still encounter a problem, try changing the startup in step 5 to "Automatic" and make sure you only open "Services" on step 4. "Services" will not update while it is open.

If this helped, please leave a comment or vote, so others will know.

Hope this will help you too!

It didn't work for me until I installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 11.