js remove all char not inner a char code example

Example: remove two things from javascript string

var removeUselessWords = function(txt) {
    var uselessWordsArray = 
          "a", "at", "be", "can", "cant", "could", "couldnt", 
          "do", "does", "how", "i", "in", "is", "many", "much", "of", 
          "on", "or", "should", "shouldnt", "so", "such", "the", 
          "them", "they", "to", "us",  "we", "what", "who", "why", 
          "with", "wont", "would", "wouldnt", "you"
	  var expStr = uselessWordsArray.join("|");
	  return txt.replace(new RegExp('\\b(' + expStr + ')\\b', 'gi'), ' ')
                    .replace(/\s{2,}/g, ' ');

var str = "The person is going on a walk in the park. The person told us to do what we need to do in the park";