hosting server for react js in india code example

Example 1: what hostings can run react js

Run 'npm run build' from your command line folder where your project is located. Copy files from the 'build' folder that is created and upload them in your host's root folder or equivalent. Takes less than a minute.

Example 2: what hostings can run react js

I use webpack to bundle my react app. So at the end react app will be:

one bundle (rarely more if you use dynamic bundle loading - probably not), that is just a javascript file
your index.html that includes this file at the end of body
and your .css that you can set in principle in one file (or separate folder with several files) and include at the top of your index.html
Regarding .css there are several better ways how to include, but you can likely start with simple setup as mentioned above.

So you just put these 3 things on your server, and your app is available at index.html.

P.S. Don't know what is Ipage, and haven't worked with create-react-app.