get timejs code example

Example 1: javascript get time

// these are the most useful ones IMO
var time = new Date();
time.getDate(); // returns value 1-31 for day of the month
time.getDay(); //returns value 0-6 for day of the week
time.getFullYear(); //returns a 4 digit value for the current year
time.getHours(); //returns value 0-23 for the current hour
time.getMinutes(); //returns value 0-59 for the current minute of the hour
time.getSeconds(); //returns value 0-59 for current second of the minute
time.getMilliseconds(); //returns value 0-999 for current ms of the second
time.getTime(); //returns date as ms since Jan 1, 1970
time.toDateString(); //returns a string (e.g. "Fri May 9 2020")
time.toLocaleString(); //returns date and time (e.g. "9/12/2015, 6:08:25 PM")
time.toLocaleTimeString(); //returns time (e.g. "6:08:25 PM")
time.toLocaleDateString(); //returns date (e.g. "9/12/2015")

Example 2: get time in javascript

<a onclick="timeNow(test1)" href="#">SET TIME</a>
function timeNow(i) {
  i.value = new Date()