Replace the character in python code example

Example 1: python replace letters in string

my_text = 'Aello world'
my_text = my_text.replace(my_text[0], 'H')
print (my_text)

Example 2: python replace char in string

# Python3 program to demonstrate the  
# use of replace() method   
string = "geeks for geeks geeks geeks geeks" 
# Prints the string by replacing geeks by Geeks  
print(string.replace("geeks", "Geeks"))  
# Prints the string by replacing only 3 occurrence of Geeks   
print(string.replace("geeks", "GeeksforGeeks", 3))

Example 3: replace character in string python

>>> x = 'xpple bxnxnx cherry'
>>> a = x.replace(x,a)  # replaces x with a
'apple banana cherry'

>>> first_a = x.replace(x,a,1)  # only replaces first a
'apple bxnxnx cherry'

Example 4: python change character in string

mytext = 'Hello Zorld'
mytext = mytext.replace('Z', 'W')
print mytext,


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