Is there any sense in using the <title> tag in HTML e-mail?

The only use I would see is that some clients, like Outlook, allow you to view an email in a browser for better rendering. It would then be a plus to have the html title tag set.

I've been looking into this myself as I'm writing a PHP mailing list manager script that uses the sendmail() function.

The script allows the admin to create and send multiform emails (both text and html versions).

After much testing I have found that some email servers appear to have issues with the title tag (<title></title>).

I created a test email and sent it to 5 of my email address, my email failed to arrive but the 4 others had no problems.

After a process of elimination it turned out that the mail servers did not like the title tags in the html part of the email message, when I removed the tag the email arrived no probs.

Very strange!