Is there a way to copy with verification or just verify copied data

The program you've been looking for is xxcopy. I too had this desire to do a binary file compare when copying oh, a few hundred thousand files for forensic analysis. I didn't care it took a little longer, I didn't want to have to create a SFV or MD5 file and then run another program on the files afterward, I wanted something that did the DOS "fc" command on the fly.

You want switch /V2

Have a good day.

I have used Fastcopy and terracopy for years in windows, either of them make good replacements for the windows copy paste methods, both have a comparison routine. I think someone said the compare method for fastcopy is a "better" method. Both of them have caught very minor errors I caused myself by having ram timed incorrectaly.

There are other differances that make FC and TC 2 totally different acting programs, it is better to experience and adjust the options in both to be able to understand them. Like on moves FC will check each item prior to deletion one by one moves. TC can be easily set to compare all as a second action, or repeated action. TC might have issues with network drives, less people had issues with FC when using networked drives.

I prefer to use FC, but something like a single error in FC can cause more manuel effort, TC having all the items still in the list, and having a visable listing shown always has its advantages. They are both GUI style programs, not CMD style although they both will work in a command prompt or batch.
Both can isure better sequentiality of data by waiting till one copy operation is completed, prior to starting the other operation, so making fragmented messes on disks is reduced.

Neither of them make "fixing those last few files" that did not copy right like Windiff.exe, so windiff was a lot better when everything is failing :-)

Both will integrate right into the system as a replacement for the windows copy, and integrate themselves into the right click context menu also. Both can also work as fully portable. I no longer have either of them replace the systems copy, I have them in the context menu only to use them as desired.

Conclusion, try them both, see what you think.