Is there a way to control the width of wtf.form_field input fields without affecting the label width?

This worked for me
jinja2 template:

<div style="width: 50%">
    {{ form1.language.label }}
<div style="width: 25%">
    {{ form1.language }}

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This is the form1 class:

class myForm(Form):
   language = SelectField(u'Programming Language', choices=[('cpp', 'C++'), ('py', 'Python'), ('text', 'Plain Text')])

This should work too and it also maintain the visual consistency with other fields' widths:

<div>{{ wtf.form_field(form.blockingProbability, horizontal_columns=('lg', 2, 4)) }}</div>

The last value - 4 - in horizontal_columns sets the width of the input field.