Is there a way to configure webpack-dev-server to open a specified browser window ? For example Chrome Canary on mac

Looks like they added a possibility to set a browser name in open option in v2.8.0. Note that at least for some browsers browser name will be OS-specific (it seems to be passed directly to opn package, therefore, same rules):

In addition to googling, you may want to search in package's repository Issues as well. Takes some time and "popularity" before google shows it on top of other matches.

This is how I fixed the issue. In package.json:

"start": "webpack-dev-server --config --open chrome",

of course, you can use webpack.config.js instead

In webpack.config.js:

devServer: {
        open: 'chrome'

This is for Google Chrome, so just use any other browser name.

For MacOS:

  1. Don't use the devServer property in webpack.config.js
  2. Use this in package.json: "start": "webpack-dev-server --open 'google chrome'"