Android - Is music bought from Google Play Music DRM-free?

It is not DRM protected


  • Is Music Bought on Google Music DRM-Protected? where the first post in reply talks of user deploying purchased app to Dropbox for unlimited use


  • Does It Matter Where I Buy My Music? shows music purchased from any app store can be played on any other platform or device, which is only possible if there is no DRM

The song is yours. Simply install Music Manager for Google Play Music on your computer to download your songs. I think it's also possible from the website just haven't tried that.

Note that they do put a secret tag on their files, which restricts adding it to other Google Play accounts. Say, for example, you change your email address, they don't give you the ability to move it or share it with users in your own household.

You need to get and install eyed3, which does take a little technical expertise, and run this command:

eyeD3.exe --remove-frame PRIV ./

I tried looking and deleting it using a UI, such as Foobar2000 with it's advanced tools, but it still didn't see that tag.