Is microk8s suitable for production environments, or is it just for development?

Solution 1:

just to update to 2020 - This is from canonical:

What is MicroK8s? MicroK8s is a powerful, lightweight, reliable production-ready Kubernetes distribution. It is an enterprise grade Kubernetes distribution that has a small disk and memory footprint while offering production grade add-ons out-the-box such as Istio, Knative, Grafana, Cilium and more. Whether you are running a production environment or interested in exploring K8s, MicroK8s serves your needs.

So I think it's pretty clear.

Solution 2:

(full disclosure, I'm a product manager at Canonical, the creators of MicroK8s)

MicroK8s can be used for production. Of course, production requirements vary, so the real answer is "it depends".

If you have a production use case for MicroK8s but find it lacking a feature that is a must have, please let us know. You can do that by filing an issue in the github project -

Solution 3:

As mentioned in the comments, I eventually came across a couple of places where they say microk8s is only for development: - "microk8s provides a single command installation of the latest Kubernetes release on a local machine for development and testing." - "If you develop software designed to run on Kubernetes, the microk8s snap provides the easiest way to get a fully conformant local Kubernetes up and running in under 30 seconds on your laptop or virtual machine for test and software development purposes."