Is it really time?

Python, 45 43 38 27 bytes

For inputs up until 239999:

lambda n:n/100%100<60>n%100

You can try it online! Thanks @Jitse and @Scurpulose for saving me several bytes ;)

For inputs above 239999 go with 36 bytes:

lambda n:n/100%100<60>n%100<60>n/4e3

Perl 6, 33 25 bytes

-7 bytes thanks to Kevin Cruijssen


Try it online!

APL (Dyalog Extended), 19 bytesSBCS

-10 bytes thanks to Kevin Cruijssen.

Anonymous tacit prefix function. Takes argument as integer.


Try it online!

100∘⊤ convert To base-100

59< are they, each, greater than 59?

 are none of them true?