Apple - Is it possible to swap option and command keys for a specific keyboard?

You can change the functions of the modifier keys (Caps Lock, Control, Option, Command) in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys.

If you have more than one keyboard, the setting window allows you to select and set separate mapping for each one:

enter image description here

Note that some Logitech keyboards, like the K850 or Craft, allow swapping mode via pressing

  • fn+o for mac layout
  • fn+p for pc layout


Although the accepted answer should have worked, but in my case it didn't. I have the same Logitech USB Keyboard.

What worked for me?

  1. I Installed Karabiner-Elements
  2. Then i swaped the keys.

enter image description here

And within a second, everything was back to normal :) Hope it helps.