Is it possible to run the Zwift trainer software on a Linux distribution?

Zwift can now be run in Linux using the latest versions of Wine (5.0 and greater) and the workaround from user wentam42 detailed in comment #7 of this bug report.

Here are the steps. You can also find a video documenting the process here.

  1. Install Wine 5.0+ following the instructions for your distribution
  2. Install winetricks script
  3. Run winetricks dotnet35sp1 win7
  4. Download the RunFromProcess.exe utility from nirsoft here
  5. Download the Windows installation file for Zwift
  6. Run wine ZwiftSetup.exe and wait for the installation to complete (~1hr for me)
  7. At this point you will be greeted by a blank white window. Leaving this window open (or relaunching wine ZwiftLauncher.exe if you closed the window), run wine RunFromProcess.exe ZwiftLauncher.exe ZwiftApp.exe
  8. The Zwift splash screen should open followed by a login prompt. Proceed until you are prompted to connect sensors.
  9. Bluetooth compatibility in Wine is currently immature. However, I had no trouble using the Zwift Companion app on my phone to sync with sensors. The phone app then relays the information to the Zwift servers so that you can ride.
  10. After launching Zwift Companion, turn on relevant settings (e.g., for BLE sensors, location and bluetooth), pedal, and in Zwift click 'Search sensors'. Everything from this point forward should work as it does natively in Windows.