Is it possible to get a list of files under a directory of a website? How?

If you have directory listing disabled in your webserver, then the only way somebody will find it is by guessing or by finding a link to it.

That said, I've seen hacking scripts attempt to "guess" a whole bunch of these common names. "secret.html" would probably be in such a guess list.

The more reasonable solution is to restrict access using a username/password via a htaccess file (for apache) or the equivalent setting for whatever webserver you're using.

There are only two ways to find a web page: through a link or by listing the directory.

Usually, web servers disable directory listing, so if there is really no link to the page, then it cannot be found.

BUT: information about the page may get out in ways you don't expect. For example, if a user with Google Toolbar visits your page, then Google may know about the page, and it can appear in its index. That will be a link to your page.

Yes, you can, but you need a few tools first. You need to know a little about basic coding, FTP clients, port scanners and brute force tools, if it has a .htaccess file.

If not just try tgp.linkurl.htm or html, ie default.html, www/home/siteurl/web/, or wap /index/ default /includes/ main/ files/ images/ pics/ vids/, could be possible file locations on the server, so try all of them so www/home/siteurl/web/includes/.htaccess or default.html. You'll hit a file after a few tries then work off that. Yahoo has a site file viewer too: you can try to scan sites file indexes.

Alternatively, try brutus aet, trin00, trinity.x, or whiteshark airtool to crack the site's FTP login (but it's illegal and I do not condone that).