Is it possible to get a hardcopy in Tmux?

It's not as simple as in screen, but it can be done with capture-pane and save-buffer. The example below will copy the contents of TARGET pane (or current pane if none is given) to the file ~/tmux.hardcopy:

tmux capture-pane -t TARGET \; save-buffer -b 0 ~/tmux.hardcopy H 

Optionally add it as a binding in tmux.conf, escaping the ";" as necessary:

bind H capture-pane \; save-buffer -b 0 ~/tmux.hardcopy \; delete-buffer -b 0

As seen here.

Also, asciinema is a very nice terminal recorder (text only) that you can use with tmux (or any terminal) if you want to share online. It uploads to the asciinema site and gives a short link (which you can open with the "url" function in tmux).

It's very nice for tutoring, because beginners can follow the real-time typing more easily than a huge transcript.

It's on github: sickill/asciinema.


to start recording, and


to exit the recording session. Tab-autocomplete and delete keys show up a little weird (^G, etc.), though.