Is it possible to filter Chrome console log using a negated text?

You can use this to filter out any result that contains the Animate string at any point in main string:



  • ^ - Start of string
  • (?!Animate) - Negative lookahead (at this cursor, do not match the next bit, without capturing)
  • . - Match any character (except line breaks)
  • ()* - 0 or more of the preceding group
  • $ - End of string

Side Note:

Negative lookahead is currently broken in the Network panel, but fine in the Console panel. I discovered the issue when I was answering this question recently. I pushed a fix, awaiting review.

You need to use :


Since chrome 62 you can use negative filters in dev tools.

In the console filter box enter:


I.e: To remove entries with text "Animate" just type:


More info: