Android - Is it allowed to offer incentives for 5 star ratings on the Google Play app store?

  • It is a violation of Google Policy

Highlighting one part of policy violation, related to what you say

Here are some examples of common violations:

Asking users to rate your app while offering an incentive


  • For other violations see Google Play Content Policies

  • For reporting use Report Inappropriate Apps

It is against Google Policy, and also against The United States Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) advertising rules.

How to report such an app- You may have some luck by creating a post in Don't be afraid to mention the app's name in there. The matter will be looked into by a moderator there who will then escalate the issue to Google staff.

I did the same thing in the Google Maps forum after an oil change place offered me a $10 discount for a 5 star review. He was taking the customer's cell phones and writing those reviews himself. He had over 500 reviews and after about a week they all disappeared.